Listen: Stoke’s Christian Share Manic New Single ‘Marimba Tragic Death Cult’

Stoke’s Christian Music unleash psych-punk hell with the manic ‘Marimba Tragic Death Cult’

Forged to the sound of bones breaking in an Osees mosh,  every single neuron of Christian Music nervous framework has been jacked to the absolute max. Pumped with fuck-tonnes of adreneline to animate the highest thrills, ‘Marimba Tragic Death Cult’ sends veins bursting out of their skins and hearts exploding out their cages. It’s an uproarious, bloody, brilliant mess. 

Brain-child of twenty-one year old Josh Baker – who plays everything on the track sans drums  – if you crossed the derangements of Hot Face with the face-ripping maraudings of UNIVERSITY (close friends with Baker from the other side of the M6, they have stepped in as Baker’s backing band in the past), you’re almost there. And if you throw Sex Bob Omb into the mix too – so bright and forthcoming are Christian Music, one also can imagine Michael Cera slamming his Richenbacker basal graphics pulsing off writhing limbs in the sheer, inter-dimensionality of the moment – you’d land somewhere closer still to the idiosyncrasies of Christian Music’s mission.

Well, ‘Christian’ insofar as Baker is the preacher of this house, and this disgustingly brilliant rock is his word. Everything else might as well be the devil incarnate in this infernal, tantalising universe.

Photo by Ashley Birks

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