Listen: Stroud Duo Mermaid Chunky Sign to DFA and Share ‘Céilí’

Audio-Visual duo Mermaid Chunky sign to James Murphy’s DFA Records and share new single ‘Céilí’.

Those as-yet unacquainted with the fantastical playground of London/Stroud duo Mermaid Chunky have much to look forward to. Even without their lavishly plumed on-stage fits that take naturalistic forms like mushrooms and flowers and zhuzh them up with a kind of surreal/Day-Glo/cottage-core energy – the architecture of their live performance provides its own object of mesmerisation. Like seeing the primordial, heart-surging joys of the creative process being actioned out in real-time, Mermaid Chunky generously build their music before you, adding layer upon layer upon rhythm upon sound with all the immaculate wonder of a time-lapse’d daffodil unfurling itself for the suns of Spring.

With new single ‘Céilí’, their first new music in four years, the duo capture everything that makes them so beautifully unique. An extended recorder symphony to dance away the demons; ululating vocal loops that humm and ahh and sing “It’s so nice. It’s so so nice” with the deepest, most longing sincerity (because what else could be nicer than this!); a thumping heartbeat drum hewn with the traditions and rituals of generations past. It says 8-minutes, but that’s a useless fact – ‘Céilí’ expands, shrinks and surmounts the rules of time and space. 

And as a side note, when it felt impossible that LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy couldn’t be any more of a musical legend – ‘All My Friends’ would have been enough – he brought Mermaid Chunky’ along as support for LCD’s Brixton Academy residency in 2022 (as iff?!), forthwith signing them to his label DFA Recordsl. Right on, James!

Photo by Simon Pizzey

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