Watch: Swim Deep return with new single ‘To Feel Good’

Swim Deep’s return is a brazen and unblushing new chapter. Having been through the ringer as a group and thus in their personal lives, the band return unembellished and forthright with their new record ‘Emerald Classics’ – led by the uncompromising and stark new single ‘To Feel Good’. 

An honest depiction of struggle and self-depreciation, ‘To Feel Good’ is downtrodden by daily challenges yet always ensures that it keeps a wider-eye on the bigger picture. Austin Williams is at his most macabre and sincere, his utterances filled with disillusion and vulnerability, emotionally strengthened by a gospel choir reminding both him and us why we keep going in the first place. It’s a blurry-eyed wake up call, as the sun rises over the city and you’re exploring its endless streets with little direction, just trying to find some perspective.

We’ve added ‘To Feel Good’ to The So Young List on Spotify. You can find it here.