Watch: Sydney’s Loose Fit share ‘Black Water’

Sydney’s Loose Fit release ‘Black Water’ ahead of their forthcoming self titled EP (Out April 3rd, via Fat Cat Records).

As with any bass drooling, two-piece-pantsuit equipped for carrying its bearer from day-to-night and back again, ‘Black Water’ is the perfect companion to sharp corner turns and angular strutting- with added sigh just to remind all that yes, this piece is tight and no, we shan’t be taking it off anytime soon.

As the stand-in Kate Moss to our DIY catwalk of deconstructed dreams sashays between the symmetrically vein-y shadows of residential streetlamps and well-structured garden lawns, remaining in light is no easy feat and yet here Loose Fit are winding through noise as if minimalism and dazy exhilaration have always sat together front-row.

Rhythmically corseted and endlessly scrolling, like ballroom dancing in a church-hall dressed in a lyrically-netted skirt stitched with super fine prickly bits, there’s just enough groove for this all to be a trialling good-time without the breathy overwhelm post-immersion. 

They’re not wrong for saying black water runs deep.

Header Photo by Zafiro