Listen: Sydney’s Loose Fit Share New Single ‘Exhale’

There is something charmingly off-kilter about Sydney’s Loose Fit. Direct, moody, and ever-so-slightly surreal, the four-piece somehow manage to manifest grooved versatility out of enthused simplicity; seamlessly eschewing an innate air of nonchalance with all the captivating oddities of a Jim Jarmusch collage.

Confidently commanding yet rhythmically clunky- like rolling through the motions in a pair of steel-toe clogs two sizes too large, ‘Exhale’ does more than your average release of pent-up energy. Rather, it intuitively sets the listener up for a trawl through smoggy inhale, and ejected inhibitions. 

Re-scrambling pop-atmospherics in order to achieve a darker sense of expertly crafted counterculture, Loose Fit are on a one-way trip to zeitgeist success. If you were to close your eyes and craft a clearer idea of No-Wave-nuance, picture the moulded elasticity one could achieve if The B-52s were formed out of plasticine, and you’re somewhere along the right lines with this group.

This is music to truly let loose to. Whether you’re in it for the long-haul or a brief chance with inner-turmoil, in the shadows of ‘Exhale’, Loose Fit are able to both start, and, end the internalised drag with simultaneous provocations of decadent escapism, and newly-dawned self-awareness.

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