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Dog Share Their Latest Single ‘Daddy Got Pony’

Focusing a Fat Whites-ish brain-crawling unease, Dog’s latest vignette chronicles a certain ‘Daddy’, whose ‘baby’ rejects his gift of  ‘pony.’  For sure, it’s simple enough as songplots go, but ‘Daddy…’ is  generously slaked with a mystifying, oozing sliminess. The track…

Dog Share Their Debut Single ‘Beep! Beep! Honk! Honk!

Quibbles about congestion fees,  rear-views of Cyclists’ bums; Toyota Yaris engine rumbles; sampled evil cackles resounding to fade… These may seem like the madcap plans sniggered-up by schoolboys during lunch breaks. But in the hands of London newcomers Dog, they…