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Issue Thirty-Eight

Ft. Just Mustard, Viagra Boys, Horsegirl, Fat Dog, Medicine Cabinet, Opus Kink, Heartworms, Tummyache and more,

Opus Kink Share New Track ‘Dog Stay Down’

Announcing their debut EP, ‘Til the Stream Runs Dry’, released via Nice Swan Records on 17th June, Brighton’s Opus Kink serve up its third tease with ‘Dog Stay Down’. Punctured by troglodytic grunts and groans, ‘Dog Stay Down’ unloads a…

Opus Kink Share New Single ‘I Love You, Baby’ And Announce Debut EP

Arriving in the Valentine’s Day afterglow, via  Nice Swan Records, Opus Kink’s latest single (and dedicated set opener) ‘I Love you, Baby’ succeeds, because it bottles their rambunctious concert frenzy so faithfully. To begin with, this deftly arranged sub-three minute…