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Speedboat Release Their New EP ‘Better Men’

They say you should never judge a second Speedboat EP by its cover, but a fruitful glimpse at the artwork adorning “Better Men” – released on 0800 Moshi Moshi Records – charmingly foretells the lustrous treats lying in wait. Nakedly…

Speedboat Share New Single ‘Sadie Grey’

Speedboat’s latest single ‘Sadie Grey’, glamorously spins itself right into your local New-Wave discotheque. There, Brighton brothers Johnny and Will Griffiths will indulge all ye olde Top Of the Pops fantasies; pin-up posters in glossy magazines, guest-lists for all the…

Speedboat – Split the Bill

‘Split The Bill’ is an energetic fairground ride of invention and the accompanying videos thus far haven’t disappointed in their exuberance, Speedboat are on to a winner.