Review: Talk Show set the marker with their debut EP ‘These People’

With four tracks of storm-listings in a murky current climate, if Talk Show were a laundry detergent they would be the recognisably scented and brand authenticated kind, because this is an original class act you can rely on to lift all of life’s stains. 

 “Designed to capture a moment in time”- if this is what they can offer with their debut EP ‘These People’ then we’re seriously underprepared for whatever is next to come.

Stress. What is there left to say about this high-jetter other than man, this really is everything?? Previously released as a single but no doubt a solid fixture within this collaboratively ceaseless collection, play it repeatedly and wait for the bite to kick in – with all the experimental fizz of dropping a vitamin C tablet in a mug of black coffee. Absorb the might and then soar as the after-effect unfolds in gushes of do-good chaos. 

The highlight? When frontman Harrison spits “battering your pillow feathers” over a bed of resultantly chorused riffs. No further questions please, it’s a motivated rampage and if you were to jump for joy (safety first) right on que, you’d be landing on the ground of a total anthem and suddenly this has turned into a mid-week-freak out for today’s lockdown maverick.

Undoubtedly, it’s the workings of the group as a nimble-limbed whole that sets them apart from their post-punk contemporaries. Quick to take to the rapids and with an endless vault of brooding percussion to roar in the faces of any trespasser – Talk Show tirelessly spin the mundane into gold as if there’s neither no tomorrow nor fear of what’s ahead.

Rolling out stress over snare-spiky massage balls that are on trigger-point target – all in a bid to relieve the mind and body of pressures garnered from modern day living – the back-to-back growlers that are Atomica and Banshee drain into Petrolhead, manifesting authority to levels of physical splinter. Raging with pent-up weight, like the bare-all tension highlighted in an exposed muscle poster pinned on the walls of a post-punk-physiotherapist’s waiting room, this is unfiltered character released from a body built on strings and snarl. 

It must be noted that despite it’s tough exterior… Banshee could unexplainably well be the 80’s pop-sparkle needed to recreate Dirty Dancing in our DM’s and dressing gowns.

Grit your teeth and let the thrill play darts along your jaw ridges and drip rhythm into the hollows of your ears. 

Are Talk Show ankle deep (in a burning holder of electric vitalism)? Totally.

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