Listen: Teenanger share new single ‘Touching Glass’

When approaching matters of glassy territory, the warning signs taped to the metaphysical walls of our delicate society are relatively direct: do not, attempt to tap truths on case-sensitive surfaces and avoid real-life-confrontation where possible.

If ever we were to disturb this ingrained-ecosystem of conservatory obedience, if people were to switch off their screens and actually band together, to actively wield a bit of instrumental re-wire whilst shattering collective dependencies… the powers within would freak the fuck out and progressive change away from search-engines and algorithms, could be the new, new-wave. 

In extruding sheeny self-confidence and refracting digital mind-control, Toronto’s re-boot purveyors Teenanger, present an alternative reflection to social-commentary that’s subtly glaring, to be noticed, pinned and re-shared.  

‘Touching Glass’ so as to reject computerised constraints, scrawling traces of Metz’s ‘Strange Peace’ across any platform the four-piece can lay their clamorous hands on, Teenanger restlessly counteract our wiped-down state of genre-compliance and need to remain constantly switched on. In one instant fix, youthful abruption meets pragmatic-pop-lightness, whilst garage-gratifications groove around the snapped circumference of stylistically reinvented, repetition. 

Wiping the status-quo clean won’t occur overnight, but with a nod to John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ and some rhythmic chug, Teenanger prove themselves subliminal, in sonically breaking down the disconnect, in on-screen ‘connection’ and in doing such, are able to routinely re-charge. Direct, instinctive and thoroughly transparent, the group recognise the tenacity in taking time to creatively re-develop and through ‘Touching Glass’, refuse to fade fast.

The brand new issue of So Young is out now. SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.