Listen: Teeth Machine Share Debut Single ‘Gumball’ via Ra Ra Rok

Teeth Machine have returned with their vacillating single, ‘Gumball’, at times grandly noisy and at others, broodingly slow-burning.

A track that opens like a sincerely introspective mid-90’s pop/rock hit; ‘Gumball’ quickly changes into a crawling allegorical musing over the impossibility of communication. Despite the coolly sweet vocal of Gray Rimmer reassuring that “you mustn’t panic”, everything about the track tells you to panic. Angsty and weighted, the tense cautionary tale is plagued by an ambiguous “something” that is “burning in the attic” driving you into apprehension.

Teeth Machine is Issue Thirty-Six

The five piece shared that the track deals with the “madness and intensity of trying to make sense to someone you care about, or to yourself in your head. There’s a kind of antagonistic self help mantra that resonates throughout; it’s about internal and external conflict. It’s angry, but it’s also full of love too.”

Teeth Machine switch between serenading verses and a cinematically pounding chorus in a microcosm of this palpable friction between anger and love. Emotionally complex and crawling with anxiety, ‘Gumball’ is packed with sliding vocals and murky, sleepy riffs that merge into a kind of dark lullaby.

Teeth Machine join us at Left of the Dial, Rotterdam and will be playing our stage at Rotown on October 22nd.

Also listen to ‘Drive By’ from the Slow Dance Compilation.

Photo by Lara Laeverenz.

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