Listen: Teleforme Share Latest Single ‘Hold Your Head’

Slowly cascading into the depths of the night, a brooding blanket of misty, gothic, new-wave, lays itself bare upon Southend as Teleforme emerge with their latest single.

As agonising as it is beautiful, ‘Hold Your Head’ sees a white-knuckled Teleforme desperately cling to the last flickering embers of light in an ever-darkening world. Prepare to be buried beneath an inescapable dystopia as Turner’s detached lyrical tone crawls through this barbed-wire-barrage.

Monolithic drums march their way across these icy, sepulchral guitar tones. No matter how quickly you run, the underpinning four-string rumblings will lock you in its grasp. As you accept your fate, ready to suffocate and convulse under this compression, a hand sweeps you out of the cold, pulling you into a loving embrace. ‘I know it’s tough, but don’t be scared to fall, hold your head’. Before reaching its final breath, feel comfort in its euphoric reprieve.

Released via Stranger Days Records, Teleforme mark ‘Hold Your Head’ as their third instalment. Standing firm, this quartet once again plunges you deep into their shiver-inducing ferocity as each release effortlessly builds upon the last.

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