Watch: The Cool Greenhouse introduce their debut album with ‘The Sticks’

Tom Greenhouse started out as a purveyor of minimal and gritty lo-fi notions that nestled uncomfortably under his unenthused, surrealist depictions of modern mundanity and self-deprecation, looping and turning in on itself in bastardised fashion.

Now, with a debut album on the way through Melodic, Greenhouse’s project has evolved and expanded on itself – as presented through first single ‘The Sticks’, The Cool Greenhouse are now a fidgety, itching spur of a group – and all the more demanding for it.

Greenhouse’s fragmented, cut and paste lyrical findings remain surprisingly grounded, aloof and increasingly dextrous – while baulking at city weekenders isn’t anything unique, the way they sew it together with niche references, inside jokes and just plain unintelligible perceptions adds an air of substance to something that could be misconstrued as throwaway.

The nauseatingly incessant hum of the drum machine that carried their last EP has been replaced for the unforgiving snap of a full kit – guitars whirl with a more discordant twang, while electronic stabs dwell of another ceaseless hook – but there’s development, almost maturity, to what they play around with – it sinks indelibly into your temple even when you close your eyes and think you’ve escaped the real world.