Listen: The Goa Express Return with New Single ‘Portrait’ via Communion Records

The Goa Express Return with New Single ‘Portrait’ via Communion Records.

There’s something utterly timeless about the sound of Burnley boys, The Goa Express. It feels like a constant throughout history. Their guitar sound would happily slot into the Britpop boom, the mid-noughties indie scene or the post-punk glory days of recent years. As the chorus of their latest single, ‘Portrait’, kicks in, you feel like you’ve been singing “The best thing I never had” in festival fields, sloshing lukewarm cider over your mates, for years.

At the same time, and this is the magic of The Goa Express, their music sounds entirely new. Exciting. Enthralling. It’s the sound you immediately send to all your mates, then whack it on repeat and sing along for the next 3 hours. It’s just exhilarating and addictive. ‘Portrait’ is the epitome of this duality. Each time you hear the keys kick in for the chorus you’ll be as excited as the first time you heard ‘Reptilia’s breakdown.

The Goa Express have been very careful with what they release, drip-feeding new music to us since they burst onto the scene in 2019. If everything they pen hits the same as ‘Portrait’, you can understand why they know they’ll have your attention whenever they choose to ask for it. Simply anthemic.

Photo by Cal Moores

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