Listen: The Goa Express Share Anthemic Joyride ‘Second Time’

Manchester’s The Goa Express release ‘Second Time’, with video accompaniment, via Ra-Ra Rok. 

Season’s come and go but time traverses periodic crossroads. Succeeding the ‘Indie’-gods of era’s gone-by, The Goa Express are at the forefront of this generations curators of conscious hook, and in keeping with irresistible spirit, ‘Second Time’ is an anthemic joyride in adolescently-exhilarated tribute. 

Where previous releases honoured jilted acceptance with rattled-rapture, ‘Second Time’ is a charmingly articulated sense of adventure; one which swirls in captured warmth, like the sun kissing the surface of an outdoor pool built out of Sunday morning’s and undiluted refresh. 

To be young, and free, and an interwoven character in The Go-Betweens ‘Streets of Your Town’, is child’s play in the grand old scheme of things. Yet for The Goa Express, slowing down and soaking up sights with four of your best pals, is a timeless game of the right cards dealt; a snapshot of lives in passage, and companionship in tandem.

Life may be too short to dwell on mistakes but keeping a record of progress is half the right-of-passage mastered. As Anton Newcombe put it, “funny how time files”; with The Goa Express, there’s plenty more future to take note of.

Photo by Louis Butler

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