Listen: the Golden Dregs Share Final Single ‘Vista’ from Upcoming Album ‘On Grace & Dignity’

the Golden Dregs Share Final Single ‘Vista’ from Upcoming Album ‘On Grace & Dignity’.

‘Vista’ is; Saturday afternoon at your favourite mid-sized festival, kicking back with stubbies in the garden, dicking around when you shouldn’t be music. It is also the GOLDEN DREGS confronting the absurdity of life that can only be seen from dizzying heights. As twee textures weave in and out of the foreground, Benjamin Woods narrates the absolute vandalism of a house, of a home, of something I’m pretty sure is an allegory for the world.

Sonically speaking, the GOLDEN DREGS gather around and produce the antithesis of destruction music (Mobb Deep, Giant Swan, etc). Their soft psych melts like butter on tongues, as Woods drawls lines as beautiful as; ‘I speak with the confidence of a man who’s yet to learn of loss, I move with the purpose of a river only a fool would cross.’

‘Vista’ is the final single ahead of the release of their latest album ‘On Grace & Dignity’, and shows us that both can exist within an increasingly indignant and ugly world.

Pre order ‘On Grace & Dignity’ here. It’s out Friday via 4AD.

Photo by Dinomoves and AJ

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