Listen: The Golden Dregs Share New Single ‘John’ via End of the Road Records

With the return of ‘normality’ now tangibly round the corner, you may find yourself slipping into the profound realms of reflective contemplation. Offering an earnest soundtrack to these pensive musings, you’ll find South London’s The Golden Dregs’ pondering life choices of times gone by on their latest single, ‘John’. 

A ballad of country led sensibilities, bright-eyed guitars ease us in gently to the track’s woozy melody. Put Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Mark Oliver Everett (Eels) in a melting pot, and you may come close to pinning down the rich tones that ooze from frontman, Benjamin Woods’ minimalist vocals. Comforting in sound and pleasing nature, the single seeks to wrap up your worries in a blanket of cotton wool. 

As the track progresses, you’ll find Wood venturing down the hazy path of self-doubt and interrogation. Encouraging this outlet of inward questioning, pleasing alt-pop hooks will have you sticking to the Londoners’ ethos like super-glue. Polished off with an Americana finish, you’ll be humming to the brooding tune of cogitative thought before the track is out. 

Released on End of the Road Records and with the inkling of album three underway, The Golden Dregs look all set for a flourishing return to the circuit. With ‘John’s ideals in mind, we suggest you have no regrets in letting this humdinger pass you by. 

Photo by Dinomoves and Buck

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