Listen: The Last Dinner Party Share Debut Single ‘Nothing Matters’

The Last Dinner Party have finally invited us in to experience their illusive and secretive world first hand. It is an intricately considered space in which every decision and reference feels masterfully planned. The release of their debut track, ‘Nothing Matters’ is a rare opportunity to see an act introduce themself with full belief of who they are an what they are capable of achieving. 

‘Nothing Matters’ may be the first official release from The  Last Dinner Party. However, it is not our first insight into their ornately detailed and carefully constructed world. Their live sets, as either witnessed live or captured by Lou Smith and shared online for eager fans, saw the group adorn gothic, elaborate clothing and take to the stage as if it were a second instinct. Drawing on historical aesthetics, borrowing from classic aspects of rock and alternative, their debut track has a momentous sound that radiates confidence. The track swells with gothic influence, swerving between grand guitar solos and wailing yet velvety soft vocals. 

The track’s accompanying video is visually remarkable, directed by Saorla Houston alongside the band. It combines stunning cinematography with powerful imagery to elevate the message of the track. The lyrics balance crudity with intimacy, and anger with tenderness, in a way that is extended across the visuals of the track. Images drawing on funerals, outbursts of emotion and mental illness are contrasted with moments of vulnerable female friendship, and genuine feeling. 

The group’s allure is in part accountable to the magnetic appeal of vocalist Abigail Morris, who acts as an intriguing and seductive guide into an innately feminine world, strewn with dark and troubled imagery. This may only be our first time hearing The Last Dinner Party, but it feels impossible to believe that it will be our last.

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