Listen: The Last Dinner Party Share New Single ‘My Lady of Mercy’

Before today The Last Dinner Party have always toyed with fragments of their identity. Their astounding two singles ‘Nothing Matters’ and ‘Sinner’ introduced the core details. Deep dives into the beautiful intricacies of feminine aesthetics, adoration and celebration of the historical and gothic, and abrupt confrontation of female desire and sexuality. 

Today, the pieces fit together to provide an unobstructed view of brilliance. The convictions of stardom that electrified their prior singles and live performances find their place within their astounding track ‘My Lady of Mercy’. The signature sense of storytelling and defiance remain, but there is a new level in the track that shows the diversity of talent on array. The song’s accompanying video continues in the band’s signature use of vivid visuals to elevate and enrich the glimpses we are able to pull of their enticing world. 

The Last Dinner Party on the cover of So Young Issue Forty-Four. Grab a copy here.

The track itself is inspired by girlhood, teenage anguish and the intensity of “a teenage crush that can only be described through the bloody, carnal language of religious experience.” “My Lady of Mercy is about being a girl” the band describe “a girl looking up at a painting of Joan of Arc for the first time and thinking that she looks so brave and so beautiful that she wants to kiss her. And maybe she also wants to kiss the girl who stands next to her in the school choir.”

Perhaps what elevates the track to such enigmatic levels of brilliance is its use of negative space. For every soaring, cacophonous high of the track there is an equally affecting moment of pause, like the gasp of air you grab on a rollercoaster before plummeting into another moment of exhilaration. 

Photo by Cal McIntyre

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