Listen: The Long Faces Share Single ‘Eisenhower’

The Long Faces have returned with ‘Eisenhower’, a chamber rock banger indicative of a long and fulfilling career.

With its bluegrass haste and old money vocals, the single zooms through a landscape that flourishes in heat. Pianos, violins, geetars, and a hi-hat are all played with a well-practiced absurdity that’s reminiscent of the midi maximalism of Yes’ ‘90125’ (or dare I say new jack swing).

Lyrically, we’re shown everything from Nazis and classroom jealousy, to tomato sauce; it’s apparent ’Eisenhower’ is a statement piece of all proportions. There is no arguing that this is a new direction for the Canterbury quintet, but trading in their indie croons for operatic chaos will mean success in a new light, alongside new contemporaries. Hey, and if they reinvent themselves again in three years time, there’s no doubt they’ll do a great job at it.

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.