Listen: The Lounge Society Share New Single ‘No Driver’

The Lounge Society share new single ‘No Driver’ off their upcoming first record Tired of Liberty, out on August 26th via Speedy Wunderground.

“No Driver is the sound of the human mind reaching breaking point – of finally letting go of the wheel because you just don’t care what happens anymore.”

Affirmative, hedonistic, and dissonantly nihilistic, ‘No Driver’ is perhaps the Lounge Society’s biggest style alteration to date; but the exact change of key which we were all anxious to hear. Following on from last month’s ‘Blood Money’, which is primarily concerned with this increasingly non-existent idea of integrity, ‘No Driver’ engages with different themes which feel just as relevant for a young and upcoming group – indulgence and freedom.

This track depicts both musically and visually the dark side to the sudden emancipation that artists achieve when they develop enough credence to pursue a love of music. But it also represents an autonomy in the band, a freedom to change the process, to cross into different sonic spheres in order to come up with something much more original. This is why I always get particularly excited for debut records; there are no limitations or expectations set by the band or the audience. Also, and especially true for The Lounge Society, they can work with their youthful creative agility in order to swerve away from prohibitive binaries which many of us older folk have inserted all too firmly into our lives. Their music is always refreshing.

The band remark that there are “several different melodies and rhythms” which are constantly entangled throughout the track; rhythms “which shouldn’t really work together at all”. ‘No Driver’ feels busy, it feels alive. It isn’t operating like a traditional rock song would, it is structurally defiant; much like the message which is aims to convey. I always come back to the kind of tracks which I feel provide me with something new each time, and ‘No Driver’ really accomplishes that. It’s a grower not a shower (excuse the obvious connotations…) This is the perfect aperitif to a debut album which I’m sure will be a hefty and indulgent feast.

Photo by Alex Evans

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