Watch: The Magic Gang Return! Here’s ‘Think’

After nestling themselves away for a year, The Magic Gang have finally broken their silence.

Returning with much anticipated new single ‘Think’, the track is a joyous yet down-to-earth take – full of their relatable charm and crisp turns of narrative but with an assured and definable step in a new direction – embracing their love for songwriting while exploring deeper waters as musicians.

‘Think’ glistens with a new found succinctness – a loose yet deftly considered arrangement that thrives under impactful and ecstatic horns, the back and forth playfulness of the band’s famous harmonic aptitude, and a newly found confidence in subtly tinkering with the foundations – effortlessly sweeping from more emotional, melancholic notions into shimmering, enraptured affirmations.

Yet the inherent positivity that permeates their music remains a vital consistent through their period of development – Kristian Smith balancing empathetic understanding with grounded, sharp advice like a pep-talk to the self – understanding where you are in the world and talking yourself down to not to get too carried away.

It’s an emphatic homecoming for the gang.