Listen: The Magic Gang check in on themselves with ‘What Have You Got To Lose’

Having immediately found their feet again with the rapturous ‘Think’, The Magic Gang are becoming the established group they are evidently adept enough to be, showing timeless authenticity in pop songwriting while embracing a more down to earth, relatable sense of expression.

‘What Have You Got To Lose’ sounds as assured as The Magic Gang possibly ever have – unafraid to show their vulnerability and embrace the darker, more human virtues that they want to explore. Focusing the lens on themselves and those around them who are seemingly finding contentment in life – it’s a grounded affirmation, unsure of itself yet determined to find its place.

Their newly found ability to juxtapose a moodier, more conscious atmosphere with a sudden euphoric rip of a hook is timely development – texturing their songs not only with more revealing, unabashed fragility but evident maturation in songwriting as well.

Gone are the all-embracing sentiments of love, but in its place is more empathetic, lasting observation – something that feels confident enough to linger.

The Magic Gang are on the cover of our new issue and you can find our chat with the band inside. Read it here.

Header Photo by Dan Kendall