Listen: The Orielles share new track ‘Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)’ from upcoming second album

With their much anticipated second album ‘Disco Volador’, The Orielles are crafting an undeniably comprehensive and multi-layered gem of a record. While exploring new inspirations, they’ve matured into a group of real substance – making music that at the forefront is infectious and satiating while also creating something thematically gratifying. With new single ‘Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) – they confidently cement all of these notions.

‘Space Samba’ weaves itself around an untameable foundation – the indelible bond the group share forging their direction. Henry Carlyle Wade’s guitar surges from cosmic funk to searing distortion and layers of percussion and cowbell rattle uncompromisingly – as if entranced in a jam with no intention of ending.

The narrative remains the crux of their identity – floating away from abstract introspection towards something much more tangible and philosophical. Esme Dee Hand Halford’s lyrics explore this idea of the present – the ecstacy of feeling and actually being alive – and interlaces it with the very heart of the record – Disco Volador – the actual feeling of movement – in an attempt to remind us that we are human and very much a part of this world.

The Orielles second album is slowly revealing itself to be a palpable and expressive piece, and with ‘Space Samba’ the group have perhaps gifted us with its centre-piece – a bold and enraptured statement.