Watch: The Pleasure Dome share the tearing ‘This Room Is For Gold And There Is No Use For It’

In the current state of things, having something to grasp onto with dear hope that it will change the deep overwhelming position we find ourselves in is about as likely as winning the lottery twice, or being struck by lightning twice – in this time, you can decide which is more liberating.

So when that last levee breaks, the tumbling downfall that washes over you is debilitating. It’s unmitigated defeat personified into a very sullen wound, so tearing it feels physically tangible. That’s the sort of intense emotion that sears through The Pleasure Dome’s latest and most striking single, ‘This Room Is For Gold and There Is No Use For It’.

Wondering across a chugging, incisive rhythm – the band ruthlessly epilating the root of their aspirations and breathlessly leave the stark, rugged dystopia that’s left. Bobby Spender bawls as he stares dead into your eyes – full of callous sardonicism yet unquestionably unprotected, bare chested with his heart on his sleeve ready for the political chop.

Whether an embossing of cynicism or a maturation in expectation, The Pleasure Dome embolden themselves with an inexplicable determination – despite the crippling sense of loss, the track is a razor cut, an unreachable itch – a burning effigy of resolve that has no intention of going out quite yet.

Header photo by Jack Joseph

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