Listen: The Queens Head Share Latest Single ‘Your God Owes You Money’

The Queen’s Head have followed up their debut-single with a track that is as demanding, as its provocative title suggests. ‘Your God Owes Your Money’, is released via Speedy Wunderground, and stands as the 41st single in the label’s single-series.

‘Your God Owes You Money’ is a mighty follow up that takes many sharp turns, over its 5-minute run. It weaves elements of electronica, post-punk, disco, and psychedelia into a grand display of confrontational danceability. With the band creating this version of the tune in only one day, they hope to capture “the rage and range of [their] live show” and give “a direct glimpse into the band”.

Opening with a marching drum and the low chanting demand, “show me an answer”, ‘Your God Owes You Money’ doesn’t allow the constrictions of genre to hinder its sound; which is expected, considering their influences span from artists such as Charli XCX to The Clash. With this lack of restriction, The Queen’s Head dabble in a range of sounds. For example, pulling in an electronic element via disco synths, and sporadically layered, heavily autotuned vocals. At times the vocals even appear to echo, and sit atop one another in a way that emulates a choir, in a haunting hum.

Full of cowbell knocks, bubbly percussion, and snappy synths, this single never ceases to deliver energy. Not only through its relentless instrumental, but also through the emotive vocal delivery that ranges from spoken word, to bellows that call in the chorus. It closes with the buzz of a full-blown dance track and will undoubtedly leave you on a high.

Photo by Chloe Gilbert

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