Listen: Bristol’s The Shuks share single ‘Ode to TV’

Television. A little boxed invention of contained whiz  which, in all its technicolour enlightenment has, in this day and age, been destined to a new-found life of imaginative living-room-plant-countertop significance. 

Oh wow… you’re still watching ‘white Americans deal with their problems??’ 

Novel but not yet kitsch, imagine a world where outdated ideals of race are exactly that and then channel flick towards Bristol’s The Shuks. Streaming suited scratchy-ness across off-beaten airwaves, their latest single ‘Ode To TV’ broadcasts a binge-worthy level of shrewd razor drool and is as transmitted tinny and all-round decisive as the materialist construct the four piece (fronted by Jack Lawther) are spotlighting. 

The Shuks, in no time at all, have successfully managed to commission their own consumed narrative of bagged post-punk to a blazoned degree of announce and it’s a thriller. Maybe you don’t watch tv anymore- but rest assured you’re not going to want to miss this. 

End of program. 

Header Photo by Amia Watling