Watch: The Wants release ‘Fear My Society’ via Council Records

New York’s The Wants drop their latest track ‘Fear My Society’. A bleakly stunning number of unknown pleasures, it dances rings of bass-line beset around spiral spreading roots of anxiety like a post-punk magnifying glass that’s caught the sun, and is now burning holes of dense break-down on the forest floor

Richly potent, ‘Fear My Society’ is a straightforward-ly denotative number for today’s affirmation craving world. Just as ominous as plastic bags swinging symbolically on the branches of centurial worn trees or, block coloured murkiness staining the walls of edge-of-town motel rooms, you just can’t quite tell how fearful the unknown needs to be and perhaps that’s the quiet storm within us all. If reflection is the step forward then The Wants are here to provide mirrors of above-board impressions. 

“Would you love me if I’m a failure?” might be the challenge at hand but consummately there is nothing not to fall for with this group. The universe is a scary place to be but leaving it all behind is fearless.


Header photo by Madison Carroll