Listen: THUS LOVE Share Their Debut Single ‘Inamorato’

Following on from their signing to Captured Tracks, Vermont’s newest group, THUS LOVE, share their debut single ‘Inamorato’.

Utterly engrossing right from the slacker-ish get-go, THUS LOVE, with their pink hair, poetic nonchalance, and suburban sense of DIY, are the perfect band for a new-generation of articulately-nimble guitar-music.

Sprawling, hook-laden and pristinely drooled, ‘Inamorato’ gently seeps into every crevice it touches with effortless cool. Like city rain dripping down the up-turned collar of a leather jacket; all oversized comfort and adolescent identification, we should all know better by now than to brandish our delicate’s during an internal-hail-storm and yet, THUS LOVE turn naturally murky substance matter, into durable bright-ideas.

With notions of routinely-mesmerising-mundanity-  Sunday morning’s turning into a mid-week-crisis all in the stroke of some obsessively peculiar-riffage, this is “alternative” at its most sophisticated. When apprehension in its eye, ‘Inamorato’ smartly charms with displayable-sincerity; texturally pliable in the same manner mohair demonstrates fuzzy resilience with stylish warmth and lustre.

Now that their windows of opportunity are flung wide-open, there’s no shadow of a doubt there’ll be plenty more of THUS LOVE’s nimbly-authentic outlook, in the not so distant future. 

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