Tracks: Spring King

Illustration by Lawrence Slater

Spring King have laid their souls bare within the songs of debut album ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ which was released earlier this month. The Manchester band have had a mammoth year, including shows with Slaves, appearances on Jools Holland and selling out their very own headline tour. We like to dig deep on the bands we’re in to and what better way to get to know Spring King better than to get inside their speakers? Here’s Spring King’s Tracks.


The song that gets you excited for tour…

James: “This band always gets me in the right head space for tour, super fast and aggressive! Also very good for running.”


The song for after tour…

James: “Very mellow, lovely song to chill to after travelling for days/weeks on end. Beautiful chords, dead nice to fall asleep to.”


The song you sing when you’re drunk…

James: “‘CAUSE IM THAT PRETTY MUTHA F***A, HARLEMS WHAT IM REPPING…. Etc, you get the idea..”


Your guilty pleasure…

James: “I absolutely adore Drake, love Nicki and have a soft spot for Lil Wayne, and the beat underneath this is absolutely insane!”


The song that made you want to write an album?

Tarek: “‘Girlfriend’ is such a great garage song. It has everything you want from a head banging hit. I love the production on this track too, it sounds like TY Segall had a lot of fun making it and that made me want to have as much fun recording too!”


The song you wish you had written…

Tarek: “I love the lyrics in this song and the arrangement. Every time I hear it I get the chills.”


The song that reminds you of home…

Tarek: “This song is a huge favourite of mine. It always reminds me of the long trips back home at the end of a tour or a flight. It’s a bit of an emotional one for me.”

Spring King – ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ is out now on Island Records. You can buy it here.