Listen: Treeboy & Arc release ‘Concept’ via Speedy Wunderground

Speedy Wunderground are the curators of an increasingly exciting series of singles, presenting the most creatively exciting acts the opportunity to lay down some of their work in a frenetic and organic time-frame. Their next guests are Treeboy & Arc, a perplexing and darkly intriguing group from Leeds, who craft stirring and foreboding post-punk that’ll keep you wide awake.

While ‘Concept’ is a frenetic and overwhelming notion that’s driven by its unyielding foundations, it’s the moments of theatrical exasperation that truly embody the existential anxiety and psychological turmoil. Haunting synths and exasperated voices feed into Lynchian-notions of flesh, surreal visions of promenades on high streets and the very fabric of one’s outlook being but a simulated dystopia. The track feeds into its anxieties, intensely toying with it while ensuring the very stability of its narrator is at the forefront of the disturbingly playful track.

Catch Treeboy & Arc live at the dates below:

June 6th – London, The Waiting Rooms – Single Launch
June 8th – Bristol, Triptych Festival
June 13th – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club, Single Launch

Header Photo by Bands on Film