Listen: Truman Dinosaur share new single ‘Take It Easy Tiger’

Like a compulsively symphonic space cadet destined for a trip beyond the calls of general cosmic duties, Take it Easy Tiger is one smooth crooner. This is a single so genuinely comforting, it might as well be a hand-stitched star inside the wide-collared shirts of everyone’s favourite Surf’s Up siblings. It’s that good. 

A wicker basket of experimentalism hanging in the sunflower garden of Eden, as our minds begin to play rhythmic croquet in a cirque of Nursery Cryme – something utterly uncanny takes place just slightly leftfield. 

Like the uncompromising swirl of Cooper Bold charm, there’s as much fantastical unpredictability in Samuel Winters songwriting as there is captivativiting whisperings, nestled within the fable-fibred hairs of Roald Dahl’s inner-ear. All it takes is a minute for Truman Dinosaur to go rogue and have you musing “Seriously, what the fuck is going on here”.

Noted, things had to fade out with a guitar solo because otherwise this wouldn’t be a total freak-out. Camel’s Rhayader has gone to absolute town here and everyone is living for it.

Header Photo by Luis Kramer

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