Listen: two blinks, i love you Share Debut Single ‘i love you’

‘two blinks, i love you’ is the new project from avid lower-case advocate, Liam Brown, who takes the sentiment of his previous moniker ‘pizzagirl’, and embodies its fondness for nostalgia within a new package for the chronically online. Creeping through the back door with the debut single ‘i love you’, Brown enters a new brand of songwriting, offering breathy vocals and the most persistent tambourine you’ve ever heard.

With a grand total of seven lyrics, ‘i love you’ truthfully compresses the all or nothing nature of young love into just a few lines. He takes what I’m sure so many of us have felt at some point during our teenage years, and recreates it’s supposed profoundness through a pretty and heartfelt instrumental.

This debut single is the opposite of the indie self-censorship found on Clairo’s ‘Bags’; where she holds her tongue for fear of judgement, Brown throws caution to the wind, confessing adoration over and over again, until its no longer ‘just one thing’ but a life threatening situation.

The new issue of So Young is out now. Order your copy in print here or read the digital edition below.