Listen: Warmduscher Sign to Bella Union and Share ‘Wild Flowers’

Well slap my ass and call me Barry, Warmduscher are back; this time with more to declare than ever before as the London based clamour-connoisseurs share ‘Wild Flowers’, and news of their signing to Bella Union.

No matter their efforts, very few have mastered the formula for chaos quite as satisfying as Warmduscher. Coming in like a trailblazing trip straight out of The Mighty Boosh- with eyes as wide as Howard Moon and a taste for caricatured carnage, in ‘Wild Flowers’, Clams Baker and his gang of rhythmic-reprobates take Disco by its spherical sparkle, and show it a real good time.

Euphoric, masterfully cheeky and unadulteratedly ridiculous, ‘Wild Flowers’ is sordid goodness for scuzz-faring adventurers; an impassioned state of liberation where surrealist-opportune is limitless, provided you’re prepared to indulge your imagination for three-minutes at a time.

Do we sit down and take it all in, or let loose through the medium of dance? Laugh or cry? Embrace or reject our lyrical norms? In the company of Warmduscher it can be hard to tell which way the wind blows but rest assured, there’s no real escapism like a Warmduscher party.

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