Review: Warmduscher, Squid and Bombay Bicycle Club at Electric Ballroom for 6Music Festival

We are all gathered here today to commemorate the closing affair of this year’s, ‘BBC 6 Music Festival’ at London’s Electric Ballroom.

Swaggering with the undergrounds smartest – because everyone knows you can’t do Camden without an added bit of culture on a Sunday evening, if you were even remotely tuned in, turned on by an un-buttoned dude in white and cowboy hat then hello and welcome to Warmduscher. 

Like licking hot sauce off the cornered wedge of a marbled cherub statue- only to realise that you’ve stained your best trackie’s in the lean-in and now your innocence has gone to shit, Warmduscher are a band who have somehow managed to make propulsion, vests and synth sleaze their rock n roll mission and it was everything. 

With special attention given to tracks off of last years ‘Tainted Lunch’ release (No.6 on BBC 6’s ‘Albums of the Year’ 2019), we’re talking bass built for grown-up bouncy castles, guest appearance from Nuha Ruby-Ra and enough disco kitten to make a clam crave chaos like no other. On a side note- If you’ve not yet heard the Soulwax remix of ‘Midnight Dipper’ you may as stop right now. 

Dripping with sweat and that was just the starter, what is there to say about Squid other than “arghhhhhhhhhhh”.   

Orchestrated-ly cool in a Jeff Goldblum kinda way, this band just keep going onwards and upwards and honestly, even if you were to water a cow-bell with Lucozade and watch the percussion buds unfold in double speed whilst David Attenborough screeches Houseplants in the background, it still wouldn’t come close to the relentlessly driven, natural wonder that is Squid.

Nailing sprawl, the act of hitting different things and a great t-shirt selection, vibe appreciation must be given to the “older-dudes” at the front who were truly living their best lives moshing and If that’s not what we’re all here for, then we should just step aside because nothing, currently compares.

As if it was the mid-2000’s again and we’ve all woken up to flower crowns and casually buttoned shirts, headliners Bombay Bicycle Club are having a comeback that fits somewhere along the lines of “long live indie-music forever”. 

Proving that all it takes to sell out a 1,500 cap-room is a relentlessly memorable back-catalogue, an even stronger new record to hand and general devoted loyalty to the art of chorus euphoria, this group of legends well and truly both matched and blew all expectations out of the water. 

In the end, when in doubt… Steve Lamacq and lets just call it a night.