Watch: Dan Lyons releases new single ‘Gargoyle’ with video

As every piece of journalistic mind-vomit will read, Ex-Fat Whites and Phobophobes drummer Dan Lyons has finally transitioned to the front of stage, with his self-titled solo project. Whilst undoubtedly this is objectively the truth, it is important when attempting to grasp the importance of Lyons’ latest offering to divorce oneself from the skag-chic [sic] of the aforementioned acts.

Having previously presented as an anaemia ridden Syd Barrett, ‘Gargoyle’ (on some level co-written with Sean Lennon) is a work of almost breath-taking beauty, marrying the cohabiting ideals of sin and redemptive innocence in the same fashion as freedom springs from the oppressive cloud of a dystopian metropolis.

‘New York City’s like a pop up book / I stepped right in for another look’ begins Lyons, exhibiting childlike naivety in both lyric and melody before promptly pissing psychedelic melancholia all over his creation. Whilst clearly keen to transcend comparison to his previous musical collaborations, there are no knowing winks to his past, no sycophantic sneers- rather, this is one of the most beautiful, honest, heartrendingly fantastic tracks of the year, with all signs pointing to a man revelling in his newfound freedom (whether at front of stage or the back).

Dan Lyons plays The Old Blue Last on 08/08/18. Full details here: