Watch: Ditz unveil video for ‘Seeking Arrangement’

With their sound firmly rooted in the Brighton hardcore scene, DITZ make neurotic angular thrash punk that pulls you into its paranoid drama. The quintet have garnered a reputation for their wild energetic shows, playing alongside other excellent acts such as LICE and Pulled Apart By Horses.  Now their new single has dropped via Permanent Creeps and is dying for a listen. ‘Seeking Arrangement’ is an erratic triumph, a whirling frenzy complete with chilling guitar lines, moaning bass and a chorus that is as cathartic as it is haunting. The accompanying video dropped today, embodies the haunting angst of the track. The visuals switch between the monochrome colour scheme and jittery camerawork synonymous with hardcore videos to the candy colours of modern pop videos. It purposely disorientates the viewer and alludes to the jarring experience of loveless romance that is the songs subject matter. What makes the video even more chilling is the sudden distortion of the various bandmate’s faces into uncanny blurs. One things for sure, you won’t be able to get this whirlwind of a track or its creepy visuals out of your head.