Watch: IDLES address toxic masculinity in new one ‘Samaritans’

Bristol punks IDLES, have just shared the poignant rager ‘Samaritans’, taken from their sophomore record Joy As An Act Of Resistance, out 31st August on Partisan Records. Sharing the track on their Facebook page this afternoon, the band said: “There’s been a long line of bullshit that has pushed men into a corner, where simple masking becomes a trope of masculinity and a catalyst for insanity. What we wear, what we eat, what razor we use, high performance chewing gum, go faster shampoo, how we treat women, how we treat ourselves, how we die. I truly believe that masculinity has gone from an evolution of cultural praxis to a disease. I wanted to encourage a conversation about gender roles by writing this song.”

‘Samaritans’ is raw as any IDLES track, and the band approach the topic of toxic, hyper-masculinity in a way where the lyrics and music fit in a perfect twisted harmony. Unlike the subject matter, the song is not overly aggressive, or overly depressing, it’s straight to the point and juxtaposed against cathartic and somewhat joyous noise – “I kissed a boy and I liked it” Joe shouts at the song’s climax.

Check out the video for ‘Samaritans’ below

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