Watch: Krush Puppies release debut single ‘Petalhead’ alongside summer inspired visuals

Much like the beloved frozen beverage that inspired their name, South London’s Krush Puppies peddle a fuzzed-out version of indie rock that’s the ideal pairing for a hazy summer heatwave. A bleary-eyed bassline and the sun-bleached squall of guitars kick off ‘Petalhead’, making it sound like a scrappy demo tape dredged from the depths of the early nineties, before lead singer Jenny’s voice cuts through the noise, as refreshing and sweet as blue raspberry syrup. ‘Petalhead’ proves to be a game of two halves; whispery vocals give way to a barrage of crunchy guitar: borrowing from the Pixies’ loud-quiet-loud playbook yet with enough no-fucks-given flair to avoid sounding throwback.

Krush Puppies’ meandering melodies and riffs thrown together with a casual cool are exactly the kind of catalyst that would inspire you to learn three chords and get your friends in the practice room: they’re the kind of band that might make you believe that anyone can play guitar, when in reality few will pull it off quite so well.

Catch the band at Brixton’s The Windmill on July 26th, where they’ll be releasing the seven-
inch single of Petalhead.