LICE release magazine parody video for ‘The Human Parasite’

Bristol based band LICE have made a name for themselves over the past twelve months with their own brand of riotous depravity. A group not afraid to thrust guttural, misanthropic social commentaries out there for the masses to consume, their latest track and its accompanying video is one shuddering sigh of frustration and despair at the human race. The track goes by name of ‘The Human Parasite’, and revolves around a confrontational stomp, angular guitar lines and the depraved delivery of frontman Alastair Shuttleworth as he spits out his cold diatribe. The song’s accompanied now by a fantastic video that parodies magazines like OK! and the like, as it meanders through a grizzly glossy magazine world populated by Shuttleworth’s lyrics come to life. Out now on new label Big Score, also responsible for YOWL, ‘The Human Parasite’ cements LICE as one of Britain’s most fully formed, most bloodthirsty new bands.