Sleaford Mods – ‘BHS’

I’d have been disappointed if it wasn’t called ‘BHS’ to be honest. Sleaford Mods return with the first single from their forthcoming album ‘English Tapas’. Released with Rough Trade Records, ‘BHS’ greets us with a video that takes us from our majority lives of shut down shops, littered curbs and wasted former factory land, to the minority dream of a yacht. Nightmares of Brexit boats and Sir Bob are banished in an instant as Jason and Andrew address a different British crisis. We find Phillip Green in Union Jack cacks, sipping champagne on his private yacht as Sleaford Mods declare their next war in a song which questions the human cost and treachery of the BHS boss’s actions. Recorded at Steve Mackey’s West Heath Garage Studios, Sleaford Mods once again pair lyrical and rhyming mastery with the real shit that’s happening today.

Watch the new video for ‘BHS’ below and you can pre order here.