Watch: Vinyl Staircase unveil video for EP closer ‘Last I Heard’

Way back in February we brought you the EP opener from Vinyl Staircase and today we bring you the visuals to its closer. Whilst the British summer goes from strength to strength, the Dorking band aim to capture the feeling on film with a video for the song ‘Last I Heard’. The track itself captures exactly why the band could be the answer to our constant yearn for a Mad-chester revival, whilst the video draws inspiration from Beatle-mania. In a bid to tempt a repetition of World Cup history, Vinyl Staircase channel 1966’s ‘Paperback Writer’ as they play within open fields and a sweltering greenhouse. In a brief chat with the band, they expand on this notion “Set in an abandoned poly-tunnel greenhouse and a very hot day, it’s a summer make over for the last track on our EP. We aimed to channel the vibe of the video for Paperback Writer, which was released in the fateful year of 1966. A coincidence? We think not. It’s coming home.”

Watch the video for the track below and now that it holds slight relevance, add it to your World Cup playlists for good luck.