Listen: White Devil Disco Share New Single ‘Red’ via Dash the Henge

Enter at your own risk with South London’s dark yet mysterious enigma, White Devil Disco, as they reveal their latest sleaze-filled track.

If you’re on the hunt for something to sink your teeth into or a rhythm that makes you believe you’re the main character of an A24 film, then this devilish tune is for you. Infused with the perfect amount of grunge and a clear agent of chaos, ‘Red’ is carried by crunching bass tones and climatic synth lines.

With a toxic hook, the mind is sent into a frenzy as strings reveal a seductive charm that aids the horror beneath. The strong guitar underscore begins to melt into a sensual melody, completely contrasting what the track started off with, and the moody backdrop introduces a strangely craved feeling.

This era of WDD triggers a memory of the Gorillaz: Demon Days years, and we’re really not mad about it, however, there is a distinct vision of sombre pop throughout that sets this composition apart. We also hear a dangerous urgency in the lyrics, which makes more sense as the story behind the tune is unveiled about a near-death experience that saw Joseph Pancucci throwing himself off the highest point of Margate pier into shallow water.

Shadows, menace and panic are encapsulated within this eerie musical cocktail and we’re excited to see this journey continue for 2023.

Photo by Emma Giacalone

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