Listen: Whitelands Share New Single ‘The Prophet & I’ via Sonic Cathedral

Today, London-based quartet Whitelands release ‘The Prophet & I’, their third single via Sonic Cathedral – existing in the same world as their previous offerings, but revealing just a little bit more of their sound.

The newest offering from Whitelands is described as their “most pop moment to date”, a sentiment that could lie in their homage to the Amen break. The Amen break is the drum break played by Gregory Coleman on the Winstons’ 1969 track, ‘Amen, Brother’, that is considered the most widely used sample in popular music history. This homage along with allusions to Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet gives ‘The Prophet & I’ an air of praise, references like these tend to bring with them the grace of appreciating your influences, a reverence that is always respected.

The track itself follows the path laid by previous Whitelands singles and the impression of shoegaze pioneers. ‘The Prophet & I’ finds a middle ground between a dream-pop-laden, light energy, and a nonchalant coolness that relaxes perfectly into the last stretch of summer. This translates into its accompanying video, directed by Chris Tomsett / Innerstrings, the greyscale video matches the blurring of the sonics as it hazily follows the band in a live setting. With drenching guitars, reverbed vocals, light harmonies, and a pop structure, ‘The Prophet & I’ is catchy and sentimental – a duo that’ll keep you coming back.

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