Who Are You?: We speak to Desire

Within the pages of our print and online magazine lies a section of great importance. Titled ‘Who Are You?’, we stick our ear to the ground and introduce you to the sounds that are making people whisper up and down the country. Hopefully, some time in the near future, they’ll become the regulars on your Radio Stations, Spotify lists and gig listings! The section only allows for a couple of questions to be printed, so today we bring you the full introduction to one of our favourite new artists.

In Issue Nineteen we sent over the basics to Brighton’s, Desire. Find the key details below.

Can you tell us who you are, where you’re from and about the music you make?

We’re desire, the voice of the higher classes. met in Brighton but now London based. We just write as much as possible and we play any gig. The Bombay Bad Boy pot noodle in music form.

What’s special about where you’re from? Has it inspired your music?

The punk scene in Brighton has its special moments. Ethan plays in Gutter Knife who are about to tour Europe.

How did you find each other?


What led you to form a band? A particular happening or mutual love for a record or sound?

Without sounding Brexit, we all love to get up and play British music. I guess playing in the hardcore punk scene rubs off on you too. We wanna make hits not knock off fall tunes.

Can you tell us something that you collectively really love?

Blitz first and second album. Spoons hot sauce.

Can you tell us something that you collectively hate?

Private schools and people too cool to dance .

Can you tell us the story behind one of your songs?

I don’t think one singular event has sparked a whole song, the songs don’t follow a narrative as such their mostly just sing alongs from observing and getting pissed off  about the world we live in, questioning values, being a slave, going to the shops ,people can read the lyrics if they care enough, their not to nihilistic though.

What can we be excited for  over the next 12 months?

Double LP of bangers, JNCO Jeans Collab, Desire craft beer and a Rockumentary.