Who Are You?: Cabbage

Within the pages of Issue 11 you’ll find a section dedicated to introducing the most exciting bands within the UK and abroad, a section that asks these bands to briefly introduce themselves and the music they make. This Introduction has a purpose, to set your mind, fingers and ears to work as you hunt down their sounds. When we spoke to these bands, We dug a little deeper and encouraged answers that simply wouldn’t fit within the pages of the magazine. With one stone and two birds we bring you the full interview with Cabbage, as well as an introduction to the music they’ve been making.



Can you tell us a bit about Cabbage? Where you’re from, the music you make and why you think it’s important to combine humour with the doom and gloom of politics?

Cabbage are a transgressive mother loving project. For those with bad breath or who get the gut-wrenching dismal tremor at reading the news, for those whose place is no more recognised in a rejected generation or want to find another way of forgetting the sociopathic world without having to force an orgasm. We are from an insignificant dead zone 8 miles out of Manchester city centre, a place called Mossley, where cheap lager reigns and fights and friendship go hand in hand. Our music is a wonky purge, a tremendous release. The politics comes natural as does the humour. It’s beautifully reactive. 

Cabbage. A name which does away with the rule book of band names. Was it important not to conform to the usual?

Band names and almost the idea of a ‘band’ has probably always been far too pretentious and the name cabbage is our way of rebelling against the self-serving bias. We only care about performing and trying our best to touch up on content that’s, more often than not, ignored. My favourite thing about the name is the laughter that follows 99% of the time when telling someone.

You’ve given your live reputation a huge boost with a summer of festival shows…any that felt like a ‘game changer’ to you?

They gradually got more and more full as the summer went on. Y not was special, Leeds was our best show but festival no. 6 is by far the best festival i’ve ever been. The stage was in a chapel and there were people struggling to get in before we came on. We had to plough through the cheering crowd with our instruments to clamber on, set up in front of a drooling audience, line check then play. The second the gig finished i grabbed the tent which we took to the stage with us and charged back through. 

Is there a record which unites you as a band? A blueprint of how to be or how not to be?

Country teasers are a van favourite, especially destroy all human life or the empire strikes back. Pure raw to the bone satire. Mine and Joe’s friendship really hit it off listening to The Easybeats – ‘Friday On My Mind’ for years every weekend. There’s not much a record requires to know it’s doing it right, you just need the true intent and honesty that the great stuff has where you know it’s not some ulterior motive bullshit. I hate music that doesn’t sound honest which is quite a lot to be frank.

If you could change one thing about the UK right now, what would it be?

Free housing North Korea style or legalize marijuana before the world implodes.

What can we be excited for from Cabbage in the near future?

Tours, releases, silly/offensive but articulate comments, theatrics, nudity

Find Cabbage on tour in 2017 at the dates & venues below:

Wed 01 Feb          Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
Thu 02 Feb         London The Lexington
Fri 03 Feb 17    Sheffield Picture House Social
Sat  04 Feb 17         Leicester The cookie
Wed 08 Feb 17         Nottingham Bodega
Thu 09 Feb 17     Birmingham Hare & Hounds 2
Fri 10 Feb 17         Liverpool EBGBS
Sat 11 Feb 17         Manchester Gorilla
Wed 15 Feb 17         Oxford The Bullingdon
Thu  16 Feb 17         Reading Purple Turtle
Fri    17 Feb 17         Southampton Joiners
Sat   18 Feb 17         Bristol The Thekla
Wed  22 Feb 17         Newcastle Think Tank
Thu   23 Feb 17         Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Fri     24 Feb 17         Scunthorpe Café Indiependent
Sat    25 Feb 17         Glasgow Stereo