Who Are You?: LIFE

Within the pages of Issue 11 you’ll find a section dedicated to introducing the most exciting bands within the UK and abroad, a section that asks these bands to briefly introduce themselves and the music they make. This Introduction has a purpose, to set your mind, fingers and ears to work as you hunt down their sounds. When we spoke to these bands, We dug a little deeper and encouraged answers that simply wouldn’t fit within the pages of the magazine. With one stone and two birds we bring you the full interview with LIFE, as well as an introduction to the music they’ve been making.


Life…tell us who you are?

We’re four punks from Hull, workers who write about youth culture, politics and sugar Gods. When we are not in the tank myself and Stew (drums) are project workers in a youth centre, Loz (bass) treats people on the shrink table and Mick (Guitar) fries his eyes in call centre, he drew the short straw; making money for cunts whilst being exploited like a free shitter in a fun park.  


You’re from Hull, What’s great about your hometown? Best music venue?

In 1642 King Charles tried to take control of Hull but the people told him to fuck off. Hull still has a strong voice and it’s proud of it. We are the underdogs with true community spirit people often say it’s the end of the road and that there’s only one way in and one way out across the Humber but that’s shit we are the gateway to the rest of the world or at least Amsterdam. The city of culture driven by passion not pounds! The best music venue has to be The Adelphi Club it’s a goddamn cultural tomb.

You have a mantra of ‘DIY or DIE’ tell us a bit about it? What led you to decide on that path?

Being DIY is refreshing; it gives you a genuine buzz and that’s what music is about, the buzz. Our DIY or DIE mantra is simply about survival and empowerment. Its hard work self managing and being your own agent and PR but when you get news of being play listed by BBC6 Music or snaring sweet spots at Great Escape, Leeds and Reading Festival through your own contacts it makes everything seem more genuine. I guess it’s stripping it down to the basics, erasing the parasites and money grabbers that often dine out in the vacuum that surrounds a band. We don’t need a white rhino chasing entourage to work in music.  The industry chews and spits out bands constantly, it’s an abusive and harmful system, which means new bands seem to have a shelf life of only one year. By being DIY at least you are building your own contacts rather than relying on others to do the work for you. In other words you are giving your self a chance to thrive and live beyond a manufactured expiry date. Keep control and then get signed, init.    

Whats the essential item of clothing on a LIFE tour?

My leather jacket with LIFE written on the back. You don’t call your band LIFE without some degree of self-confidence do ya and then to stick it on my back fuck I must have balls bigger than the bull. Either that or I’m just a mass of contradiction; the vegetarian in a leather jacket. The Hull lad wearing a Liverpool shirt. What evs.

Tell us the story behind one of your songs?

We’ve got a song called Euro Millions that’s going on the debut album; it’s about Big Bob of little England, dragon slayers and Bulldogs. It’s about Fat Bill of white America, Redneck Racists and Eagles…