Who Are You?: Our Girl

Within the pages of Issue 11 you’ll find a section dedicated to introducing the most exciting bands within the UK and abroad, a section that asks these bands to briefly introduce themselves and the music they make. This Introduction has a purpose, to set your mind, fingers and ears to work as you hunt down their sounds. When we spoke to these bands, We dug a little deeper and encouraged answers that simply wouldn’t fit within the pages of the magazine. With one stone and two birds we bring you the full interview with Our Girl, as well as an introduction to the music they’ve been making.


Our Girl, Can you tell us who you are and how you came to be?

We are Soph, Josh and Lauren. Before we started I was playing guitar in various bands, but I also had a few songs written and really wanted to find the right people to play them with. Josh and I met in Brighton and played guitar together, and we were messing about with a song and he tried some bass on it, and has been playing bass since! Then we found Lauren, we had one practice with her and she was perfect and awesome so we asked her to join that day.

You’ve recently released your EP with Cannibal Hymns, can you tell us a bit about the tracks on the release? Do they follow any sort of theme or subject?

I guess a theme is the feeling of not knowing what someone else is thinking and that driving you a bit crazy. The distance between you and someone else clouding your judgement of things. And that sentiment is often followed by trying to force a feeling of indifference, like ah fuck it stop doubting yourself, it’s probably fine.  There’s a sense of hope too, in things changing and being able to get better, it’s often friends that help do that. I value that lots.

You hail from Brighton, do you have a collective favourite spot to hang/write/ have fun?

Josh and I (Sophie) first started playing together in my old basement in Brighton, which we called the dungeon. It was dingy and mouldy and all our friends practiced down there. The lack of any real light made you feel cut off from the real world in a good way – we’d spend hours down there. When I knew everyone was out the house I’d go down and play and sing really loudly which is definitely more fun than doing it quietly in my bedroom.

Can you tell us about any shows we can look forward to in 2017?

We haven’t got any shows booked yet for the new year but excited to play new stuff at them when we do.