Listen: Wicketkeeper announce debut album with new single ‘The Side’

Do you ever go about your day, unashamedly self-obsessed in how completely focused on whatever it is you are doing, before being stopped completely in your tracks by suddenly recognising someone out of nowhere?

You’re not sure how, you rack your brain for a reason you’ve been jolted out of your self-motivated stupor – and you realise it’s because they are the spitting image of you. A doppelgänger, of me, of all things! You turn back in a spin, forcing the high street pedestrian traffic into fumbling frustration. With ‘The Side’, Wicketkeeper channel this over zealous self-importance into a humorous narrative on where our minds take us – especially when concentrating on our ourselves.

A loose, tumultuous embrace of erratic harmony – the trio have always put their raw primality first, yet here they hone it into another melodious example of the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. While their unfastened approach to playing together may be discordant – it remains impressively unguarded in its compelling nature, and when emboldened by their amusing commentary on the day to day, it makes for something honest and authentic.


Wicketkeeper release their debut album ‘Shonk’ on October 16th via Meritorio records.

Header Photo by Jo Bongard.