Listen: Wild Fruit Art Collective release ‘Every Conversation Is A Sale’

Wild Fruit Art Collective’s sound was born in Liverpool but fermented in the dark womb of The Windmill Brixton. Since moving down south the boys have played alongside the likes of Goat Girl, Madonnatron and Meatraffle, making a name for themselves as an impressive live act, due to their wild shows of animalistic abandon. And with their recently dropped single, aggressively angular post-punk affair, Fabric’ making it on to BBC Merseyside’s airwaves, the boys seem to be rounding up more and more followers of their doom infested rock.

Today sees the release of a new track, which is nothing short of a whirling frenzy of menace. Released via Eggy Records, ‘Every Conversation Is A Sale’ was produced by Kristian Bell of The Wytches, and was recorded live to tape in a room purposefully cooled to near freezing temperatures. This feeling of extremity indeed pervades the track where both passions and drama run high via metal influenced guitar lines, paranoid bass, tribal drums and vocals dripping with desperation. The real kick comes from the chorus where the smooth yet angular guitar lines give way to gnarly distortion and heavy-ass bass lines. Indeed, the subject matter only adds more aggression to the track with frontman Jamie Roberts touching on the emptiness of the everyman’s obsession with social mobility.

Give this one a listen with the volume up high, and let the sonic chaos reign.